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Samsung Edge Smart Phones hit Market

Technology has always something new to offer. Be it smart phones, LEDs, Laptops etc. each day something new is out in the market which promotes healthy competition.

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge

All Geared Up

Samsung is geared up to track Apple’s path with its forthcoming Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge smart phones. These are expected to launch by March-end. Going by the reports, these phones will come with Loop Pay assimilation allowing users to have mobile cases on their phones so that they can pay directly from their phones.

Eagerly awaited Galaxy S6 will take over from Galaxy S5 as Samsung’s top smart phone and is anticipated to be a grand exit from its precursor.

Predictions over the name

Samsung is believed to take an indication from Apple and name this new feature as Samsung Pay. Going buy the reports, Samsung was in touch with Loop Pay to incorporate its technology into one of its smart phones. This technology is able to talk wirelessly to usual magnetic stripe credit/debit card readers, so it can be used in more places.

At present, Loop Pay needs users to plug a unique USB drive or a dongle to be more precise into their phone. Apple Pay only functions if the user has a unique near field communication (NFC) terminal that can work with iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus.

Samsung’s recent smart phones which are already in the market like Galaxy S5 and Galaxy Note 4, already come with PayPal amalgamation that functions with a fingerprint sensor embedded in the phones itself.

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge

The Similarities

Samsung is predictable to hang on to the similar metallic design in its Galaxy S6, along with a 1440×2560 pixels screen. Taking further the Galaxy Note Edge built, Samsung is said to be working on a Galaxy S6 alternative with arched screens on both edges.

Samsung will be using its own Exynos chip in the worldwide variation. This chip is said to be intended on 64-bit architecture. Other probable features of Samsung Galaxy S6 can be a 20MP rear camera, faster 4G radios, microSD card support and battery of around 3,000mAh. Samsung will be adding rear panels that give additional functionality to the smart phone.