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Latest Android Update: Lollipop Hit Headlines

Technology news is filled with incremental growths, but few of them are factual landmarks. These progresses from the past year help resolve tricky problems or generate influential latest ways of using technology.

Latest Android Update: Lollipop

One of the major technological advancement in the mobile sector was the Lollipop update by Android in the Android cell phones. This piece of writing will summarize the features of this version of android and the benefits associated with it.

Lollipop Goes Viral

  • A valiant, bright and receptive UI design is incorporated in the lollipop version of android with reliable, spontaneous experience across all your android devices.
  • The natural motion, rational lights and gloom, and memorable image elements make it easier to navigate your gadget.
  • Previously every now and then your phone used to beep whenever there is a notification; be it Facebook or a new message. With lollipop, there are fresh ways to be in charge of when and how you accept messages and hence you only get interrupted when you wish to be.
  • You can now manage the notifications activated by your apps and cover perceptive content.
  • Talking of the battery which is one of the major issues with the smart phones today; lollipop update has a battery saver feature by which one can use his device for 90 minutes longer.

New devices coming with encryption mean even better protection against threats and malware. Make use of Android Smart Lock to make your phone or tablet protected by pairing it with a reliable device.

There is another great feature in this version of android. If you somehow forget your phone, you still can get in touch with your friends and can access any of your files by just logging in to a different Android phone running Lollipop.

With OK Google, one gets simple access to information and executing tasks. Converse to Google to get apt answers, send messages, get directions etc. Whenever you get a fresh Android phone or tablet, you can get your old apps from Google Play involuntarily from any of your previous Android devices.

So if you are using an android device, update your phone now to enjoy the latest technology in the market.