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Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose): How to Do, Benefits and Things to Check

Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose)
Image source: Flickr How to do Lie prone on the abdomen Join the legs together and toss together pointing back Now stretch your hands over the head, palm facing down. Keep your forehead on the ground Bend the elbows and rest the palms under the shoulders. Fingers pointing forward. Keep elbows closer to the body Inhale, raise the upper part vertebrate by vertebrae Keep no pressur...
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Chakrasana or Wheel Pose – How to Do, Limitations, Benefits and Things to Check

Halasana (Plough Pose)
How to do Bend the legs at the knees and keep your heels just near the buttocks. Have little gap between the feet. Hand stretch over the head bend them at elbows, palms rest beside the neck, fingers pointing towards the body. Lift the buttocks from the ground. Strengthen the arm lifting the head and shoulder; keep the head in between the arms. Give the head upward push at the back. Hol...
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Halasana (Plough Pose) – Steps to Do, Limitations, Benefits and Check Points

Steps to Do Both leg lift up to 45 degree with partial inhalation. Again up to 90 degree with full inhalation. Buttocks up from the ground legs parallel to the ground above the head, then exhale. Now the final position; toes rest on the ground above the head. Hands keeping straight on the ground, palm facing down. (Variation: Hands stretch over the head and rest on the ground.) With norm...
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Matsyasana (Fish pose): Steps to Do and Benefits

Steps to Do Matsyasana (Fish pose) Bend the right leg and keep the right foot on the left thigh. Bend the left leg and place it on the right thigh. With the help of your elbows lift the back, arch the back maximum and rest the crown on the ground. Hold the big toes with the hands. Alternative Practice Simple Fish Pose Keep the legs straight on the ground, arch up the back and the...
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Sarvangasana: Step-by-Step Guide and its Benefits

Step-by-Step Guide Both legs raise up to 45 degree from the ground. Again raise legs up to 90 degree. Raise the buttocks and trunk taking support with the hands at the back, legs keeping parallel to the ground above the head. Straighten whole body legs perpendicular to the ground. Now when you come to the final position chin will stuck to the small hole of the throat. Hold the postur...
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Savasana (Corpse Pose): Complete guide, benefits and how to do it

Benefits of Savasana (Corpse Pose) and how to do it? Savasana relaxes the whole psycho-physiological system. It should ideally be practised before sleep; before, during after asana practice, particularly after dynamic exercises such as Suryanamaskara; and when the practitioner feels physically and mentally tired. It develops physical awareness. When the body is relaxed, awareness of the mind incr...
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Practice Yoga to feel the Difference

There are numerous advantages of doing yoga regularly of which mainly are physical and psychological benefits. We all know that yoga provides health benefits and is a comprehensive approach towards one's well being. Moreover, it is a wonderful workout routine that has benefited people from all age groups. The Yoga Store Yoga offers you with abundant physical benefits. To start with, it assis...
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Know the Yoga Type that Suits you

Yoga is one of the most accepted forms of work-out and fitness as it benefits approximately everyone of across all age groups owing to its exceptional values. 'Yoga' is derived from the word 'YUG' which means to bring together and yoga offers just that. It serves to connect the body; brain and spirit into a sole commanding perception that helps you accomplish a vigorous lifestyle. Following...
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Include Yoga in Daily Routine for a Healthy Living

Yoga in Daily Routine for a Healthy Living
Astonishingly, yoga is being adapted by western world as a trendy method for calming and staying in good health. As world becomes familiar with the significance of yoga, more and more people are getting attracted for Yoga. The city life as we all know is hectic and moves at a fast rate at a fast clip, you are likely to get a bit exhausted and bored. Yoga is a great way to reduce tension, enhancing...
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