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Social Media and Marketing: Digitizing Your Brands

Creating an unbeaten individual brand is a high-quality outcome that all big business possessors desire to achieve. This is for the reason that in the end, this is how the target market will view them. However, when it comes to promoting your brand with social media, many people are likely to get mislaid. So, now the question is how to achieve this? The succeeding piece of writing will offer the a...
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Samsung Edge Smart Phones hit Market

Technology has always something new to offer. Be it smart phones, LEDs, Laptops etc. each day something new is out in the market which promotes healthy competition. All Geared Up Samsung is geared up to track Apple's path with its forthcoming Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge smart phones. These are expected to launch by March-end. Going by the reports, these phones will come with Loop Pay assimi...
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Latest Android Update: Lollipop Hit Headlines

Technology news is filled with incremental growths, but few of them are factual landmarks. These progresses from the past year help resolve tricky problems or generate influential latest ways of using technology. One of the major technological advancement in the mobile sector was the Lollipop update by Android in the Android cell phones. This piece of writing will summarize the features of ...
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